From Our Gathering on November 9, 2016

From Our Gathering on November 9, 2016

For my latest blog entry I’m going to reprise some of the parts of the post-election gathering held in the sanctuary on the evening of November 9. They speak as well as anything else I might have to offer at this time.

Gathering Music

Opening Reading: (Excerpts from a statement by UUA President Rev. Peter Morales)

We live in a nation whose deep divisions have been exposed (by this Presidential election). The wounds of this election will not heal soon. Many of us are emotionally exhausted and deeply offended by what we have experienced.

This is a time to take a deep breath and a long view. Our role as religious progressives committed to democracy, compassion, and human dignity is to help bend our culture toward justice. Think of issues like marriage equality and civil rights. The laws change when attitudes change. Our role is to help change attitudes, to lead by example…

Our voice is going to matter in the coming years. Our role, as always, will be to be a powerful voice for compassion and civil rights. Perhaps, at times, we may even be called upon to join with others to resist flagrant injustice.

For now, let us reflect and draw strength from one another. Together we can recover. Together we can shape the future.

Those last lines of Peter’s are what calls us together this evening: “For now, let us reflect and draw strength from one another. Together we can recover. Together we can shape the future.”

Singing Together: Gathered Here in the Mystery of the Hour


Spirit draw near.
Spirit draw near in our bewilderment
Spirit draw near in our grief
Spirit draw near in our love and care for one another
Spirit draw near in our continuing quest for peace and justice
Spirit draw near in the strength we take from this religious community
Spirit draw near in our commitment to the values we share
Spirit draw near in our hope
Spirit draw near in our awareness of the unfinished work still before us
Spirit draw near

A Time of Silence

Singing Together: We Are a Gentle, Angry People

A Time of Re-Commitment:

Congregation says together the Vision of First Church—Unitarian of Littleton, followed by the Purposes and Principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Lighting of Candles:

At this time those present came forward to each light a candle of re-commitment and re-dedication to affirming and promoting the Vision and the Purposes and Principles we share.

Singing Together: Comfort Me

A Time to Speak:

At this time those in the congregation were invited to share in brief words what they were willing to commit themselves to in the ongoing work of justice seeking and healing.

Closing Song: Love Will Guide Us

Closing Words: (Rev. Fred Gillis)

And now may the love that overcomes all differences,
Puts to flight all fears, and reconciles all who are separated,
Be in us, and among us, now and always.

May we go in peace.

Departing Music

Thanks to Debbie Eston for her help in organizing this gathering, to Carol Tillis for leading us in singing, and to Kris Ersland for her assistance with the recorded music.

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