Forms and Policies

First Church Unitarian Policies are listed here along with applicable forms.

Building Use/Rental

FCU is pleased to be able to offer the use of our historic building. The FCU Building Policy has been established to insure the well being of the building and those who use it.

First Church Unitarian extends a welcome to couples planning marriage or commitment ceremonies. We are pleased to be able to share in your happiness with the guidance, help and participation of our staff along with the use of our historic church facilities for your ceremony.

If you wish to use our building for your event (ceremony, party, recital, non-church related event, etc.) please contact the Church Office Administrator at or 978/486-3044 x0.

Additional Forms and Policies related to building use:

Safe Congregations

This Safe Congregation Statement of Principles was adopted by the congregation.

Related Policies:

Conflict Resolution

FCU has adopted a procedure for resolving conflicts that arise within our community.

Social Justice Task Force

Use this form to propose a Social Justice Task force for consideration at a warranted meeting of FCU: TaskForceForm-PDF format or in TaskForceForm-DOC format.

Solicitations of Signatures on Church Property

A Policy on Solicitation of Signatures on Church Property has been approved by First Church Unitarian, Littleton (FCU) Executive Team.

Term Limits

The Standing Committee adopted a Spousal and Term Limits Policy.

Weather/Power Cancellation Policy

The Standing Committee adopted a Weather Cancellation Policy.


The Deacons have established a Communications Policy.

Expense Reimbursement

Fill out the Expense Reimbursement Form and place in the Treasurer's mail cubby in the church office to get reimbursed for a committee related expense.


The Standing Committee adopted a Fundraising Policy. As we begin to plan for fundraisers for the next church year, a general Fund Raising Scheduling Form is available from the church office to be submitted to the Finance Committee with respect to all fundraisers at FCU. This will allow us to confirm scheduling and to insure proper accounting is done. The following major church fundraisers are exempt from using this form as they are already scheduled and have accounting practices in place: the Country Fair and the Talent Auction.

Financing Large Projects

Committees and members proposing projects over $1000 must complete and submit a FCU Project Finance Sheet to the Clerk, Treasurer, and Standing Committee. The project must be approved before work can begin.