The May 22nd Sunday worship service is multi-platform!

You can join us IN-PERSON in the sanctuary if you wish (see "green light" caveats in posting below) or join us on Zoom! Members and friends can Click HERE shortly before 10 a.m. and enter the website password to receive a link to participate in the worship service.
All are welcome to join the worship service live on our YouTube channel HERE (but the YouTube link won't enable you to be interactive as the Zoom link will).
If you would like to participate in our services please fill out a Pew Card so we can send you a link to the service zoom.

May 15, 2022 Warranted Meeting Documents


            • Annual Report
            • October Warranted Meeting Minutes
            • Proposed Budget for FY2023
            • May 15, 2022 Annual Meeting Warrant
            • Green Sanctuary Report
            • Zoom Link

Click HERE

MAY 14, 2022 UPDATE

Until further notice, we require masking in the sanctuary, except for person speaking from the pulpit.


As promised in our previous update, the Executive Team (ET) met to evaluate our progress over the past month. The pandemic appears to be evolving into an endemic situation in the US so we are seeing a loosening of COVID restrictions. Middlesex County has the highest vaccination rate and lowest infection rate in the state. Our CO2 monitors indicate that the ventilation in the sanctuary (with open windows) is adequate. In person attendees have been respectful and are following the guidance. After careful consideration the majority of ET members attending agreed, in accordance with CDC guidance, that the time has come to go to GREEN status with certain caveats. Please review the following recommendations.
● Masking will be optional. Realizing that we will have differing levels of comfort with this change, we are recommending that masks be worn during congregational singing. This does not apply to the choir since they are distanced.
● Building usage by church groups and committees as well as groups affiliated with FCU members will be allowed. However, the sign-up protocol needs to be updated and will be ready by June 1st.
● In person attendees who are unvaccinated should continue to mask.
● If you experiencing Covid-like symptoms, please worship remotely on Zoom or YouTube.

We will continue to use the CO2 monitors and to open windows or use fans to ensure good ventilation. As we strive to be an inclusive and respectful community please maintain an awareness of others comfort level with this final step in re-opening. Interactions in small groups or social settings should include a quick check in regarding masking and distancing.

Thank you for your patience, resilience and good humor. As always, we appreciate your support of First Church Unitarian and look forward to better (and healthier) days ahead.

*Note: FCU strongly encourages every eligible person (by health and age) to be vaccinated/boosted.

FCU Reopening Plan for 2021-22 Church Year Released

The Executive Team (Standing and Deacons) is pleased to release our plan to reopen our church for in-person gatherings. September 12th is the target date for our first in-person service. The plan can be found here: FCU Reopening Plan 2021-22

The Executive Team is extremely grateful to so many (ET committee members and volunteers of the Reopening Task Force) for their dedication in creating this plan to guide us into the new church year.

Please check this site regularly for the status of the church opening. You will find a color-coded (green, yellow, red) status posted near the top of this column on the FCU homepage. It should be checked prior to attending an in-person service. Please refer to the Reopening Plan document for a description of the colored status codes.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to us at

Volunteer (Usher and Flowers) Sign-up Made Easy

Can’t access the volunteer board in the vestry?
Is the hospitality sign-up link too hard to find?
Signing up online is too complicated?

We have you covered! We cannot give you access to the signup board in the vestry while the church open status level is yellow, but we have dealt with the other concerns.

Firstly, to sign up as a hospitality volunteer click here: Hospitality Signup

Secondly, sign-up could not be much easier.
For online signup, no login or account is required! For simple instructions click here.
To sign up via email:

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