Religious Education


Be sure to check out the Religious Education blog (above) for updated information, monthly happenings, and conversations. 

Unitarianweb-stories-quilt Universalists (UU) believe in a liberal religious education. As a non-creedal faith we explore religious truth, meaning and faith. We also promote the principles of justice, love, trust, safety, tolerance and encouragement. Our religious education programming covers a broad spectrum that enriches the lives of all in our community based on our seven UU Principles and drawing from our six UU Sources.

UU Principles  - Children’s Version

Every person is important.

Be kind in all you do.

We’re free to learn together. 

We can search for what is true.

All people need a voice.

Build a fair and peaceful world.

We care for the Earth.

UU Sources

The living tradition we share draws from many sources including:

Direct experience of mystery and wonder:

Words and deeds of prophetic women and men:

Wisdom from the world’s religions;

Jewish and Christian teachings;

Humanist teachings using reason and science;

Spiritual teachings of earth-centered traditions.

For more information on specific programs, please go to Children's RE and Youth Programs above. Also check the RE Blog for monthly updates.

We invite you to participate in and benefit from our rich offerings. We also invite you to share your knowledge, passions, and experience with our community. Contact Thea Shapiro, Director of Religious Education at