Religious Education

April Connections

Dear friends and neighbors, This is a difficult time for everyone but we are learning and growing as we make adjustments. Each week we worship together via YouTube on Sunday morning. This includes a Time for All Ages near the beginning of the service. If you would like to view worship services, you can find… Read More »

March – Wisdom

“The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise.” Alden Nowlan “The value of the average conversation could be enormously improved by the constant use of four simple words: ‘I do not know.’”… Read More »

February – Resilience

“While resilience has a lot to do with what is inside us, it equally depends on what is between us…the web of connections that surround us. Resilient people arise from resilient relationships!” Soul Matters Of the many positive human traits, resilience is of upmost significance and value. It enables us to move forward from hard-times… Read More »

January – Integrity

“Integrity goes beyond speaking the truth to include taking responsibility for how one thinks and feels and what one does.” Ben Dean Integrity may be one of the hardest of personal ideals to maintain. It can be easier to slip into one’s usual patterns, forgetting to check in with what is at the core of… Read More »

December – Awe

“When we are stunned to the place beyond words, we’re finally starting to get somewhere. It is so much more comfortable to think that we know what it all means, what to expect and how it all hangs together. When we are stunned to a place beyond words…when all we can say in response is… Read More »

November – Attention

“Attention and gratitude go hand in hand. Indeed, they are a perfect embodiment of the dominant message about attention: that it’s here to wake us up to life’s many gifts. True attention always comes at a cost, because real looking always results in you not being able to look away. Often for the better.” Soul… Read More »


BEAUTY: savoring life’s gifts Summer is upon us. Our final gathering of the year will be on June 16 when we will participate in one of our most beloved traditions, Flower Communion, and celebrate all that is beautiful as symbolized by the flowers we bring. While we are apart from each other over the summer,… Read More »

MAY 2019

CURIOSITY: moving from fear to open-heartedness “It wasn’t curiosity itself that killed the proverbial cat. What really got him in trouble was his inability to deal with the new situation he was in. And when it comes to learning about new environments, curiosity is key.” Kate Berardo “Curiosity killed the cat, but where human beings… Read More »