How to Join

Choosing membership represents a deeply personal decision, one that signifies a connection with First Church Unitarian as a religious home, a willingness to fully participate in its community, and a readiness to reap the benefits of truly being part of such a community. It means a person has made a decision to join a community that is searching for truth, struggling for justice, and whose members live in loving relationship with one another.

Considering Membership

When you no longer feel like a guest, and you feel like you’re at home here, you may be ready to join our church family. If you have progressed on your journey by completing the steps outlined in our Path to Membership Guide, and are ready to sign the Membership Book, please express your intent to join by registering before Membership Sunday, the first Sunday of each month that church is in session.

Steps to Membership

  1. Attend at least four (4) worship services. Every Unitarian Universalist congregation has its own distinct characteristics and personality. Attending several Sunday worship services will help you get to know us.
  2. Participate in the Path to Membership Program (offered throughout the church year). At this gathering we will share personal journeys, view a video about Unitarian Universalism, and provide an overview of First Church Unitarian. It is strongly recommended for anyone wishing to become a member.
  3. Read and accept the Church Bylaws. To become a member, a person shall express an understanding and acceptance of the Church Bylaws.
  4. Complete the form in the Path to Membership Guide. Each individual age 16 years or older is eligible for membership. Completed forms will be collected at the time you sign the Membership Book.
  5. Express your intent to join. Register on the schedule at the Membership table in the front church entry way, by emailing , or by calling the church office at 978-486-3044.
  6. Sign the Membership Book. Persons ready for membership are invited to sign the Membership Book the first Sunday of each month that church is in session, Membership Sunday. Generally the Membership Book is signed in the presence of the Minister and/or a Deacon.

Benefits of Membership

Although many programs are open to nonmembers, membership affords preferential access to certain services. Only members can hold significant leadership positions and participate in congregational decision-making, such as the calling of new ministers and voting at warranted meetings. Members also have the satisfaction of helping to create a sustaining community for today and the future – one that brings transformation alive at the personal level and in the larger world.

Responsibilities of Membership

Becoming a member makes a serious commitment to support the church community. That support has two aspects. One is the church’s need for direct financial contributions from the membership on a continuing basis. The other is participation in church life. Church life is organized around a series of committees, composed of volunteer members that function in conjunction with the minister. Active participation by all church members is crucially important to a vital, growing church.

We are an accepting caring church community whose success depends upon the continuing, mutual support of all of its members.