Helping with Hospitality

To volunteer to usher or contribute flowers, you can follow the simple instructions below.  To go directly to the volunteer sign-up page click here.

For online signup, follow these simple steps (no need to memorize them):

  1. Click the signup link above. (The signup page will appear.)
  2. Peruse the calendar listing of available slots.
  3. Find an open slot.
  4. Click “SIGN UP” next to the open slot. 
  5. (On the next page,) enter your email address, then confirm it.
  6. (On the next page,) enter your name and phone number.
  7. Click “SAVE and DONE” (or to cancel, click the X at the top).

Easy peasy!  No login is required. Your personal info is not shared.

Hot tip: when you get to the hospitality signup page, save it as a bookmark.


The rest of this webpage is being rewritten to accommodate our green, yellow, and red stoplight status levels used during Covid.  In the meantime, if you came here looking for the signup link, we do not want you to go away disappointed.  Please sign up here, to be an usher or contribute flowers, and thank you very much for volunteering!

Sunday morning worship is for many the core of our congregational life, a time we share in reverence, love, and contemplation of ultimate things.  Sustaining each service is a group of volunteers who perform hospitality duties to make the service comfortable and pleasing for our congregation.

Who Provides Hospitality?

Everyone is encouraged to participate.  As a congregation we all share in the responsibilities of welcoming and hosting each other and our guests.  Newcomers are also invited to participate, as helping with hospitality is a great way to feel a part of our community. It takes eight volunteers to support Sunday services.   When everyone volunteers four times during the church year, we should cover every task.

How Do I Sign Up?

Please sign up here, to be an usher or contribute flowers, and thank you very much for volunteering!

During normal times, or hopefully when FCU is at an open status level of green, volunteers can sign up by placing a name tile on the hospitality board in the vestry.  The board lists tasks by week for the church year.  Pre-made tiles are available for members and those who attend service regularly.  Blank tiles are available for write-ins.  Write-ins are welcomed.  If you don't have a name tile and would like one, there is a signup sheet in the church vestibule (front entry way).

Hospitality Lottery

Our Deacons periodically hold a "hospitality lottery" if all of our hospitality slots are not voluntarily taken.  You will be notified if you have received a hospitality assignment in this way, and have the opportunity to find a substitute for this duty if you are unable to serve.


Every Sunday three ushers are needed to distribute the order of service to people upon their arrival and assist people in finding a seat.  Ushers should arrive approximately 25 minutes before the service begins and spend 5 minutes after the service refreshing  the sanctuary (neatening up and recycling orders of service).  The full range of usher duties is listed on a sheet of paper hung at the back of the church near the usher’s pew.  An update to ushering duties will be posted here soon. Ushering is a joyous way to greet old friends and meet newcomers.


Each week, a congregant provides flowers for the Sunday Service.  The arrangement need not be formal - in fact, it need not always be flowers - we have had some beautiful arrangements of autumn leaves as well as other kinds of dried arrangements.  If you have signed up to provide flowers, please make sure that they get to the church by 8:00 a.m. on Sunday. If you wish to donate flowers in memory of a relative or friend, or in celebration of an event, please note this when you sign up by writing your description on a blank tile which you can place below your name on the hospitality board.

Refreshment Hosts

After the service, all are welcome to gather in the vestry for refreshments and conversation.   Each Sunday volunteers setup coffee hour before the service coffee hour or cleanup after the service coffee hour.  The full range of duties is listed on a sheet of paper hung on the wall in the kitchen.  Follow this link for Sunday Hospitality Refreshment Duties.

Setup Hosts

The setup hosts should arrive approximately an hour before the service to setup the coffee pot and cups, fill the tea urn, and to set  out sugar, cream, snacks, apple juice, tea bags, etc. for coffee hour.  As setup host, it is your responsibility to plug in the coffee pot and tea urn before the service begins.

Cleanup Hosts

The cleanup hosts are responsible for cleaning up after coffee hour is finished.  Duties include putting cups in the dishwasher and overall general cleanup.

Hospitality Coordinator

Each month a hospitality coordinator is responsible for restocking refreshment supplies, ensuring that all hospitality positions are filled, and sending out weekly reminders.   The coordinator will answer questions and assist during an emergency when a volunteer is unable to keep a commitment, though most often individuals should find their own replacement.


If you have general questions regarding how you can support hospitality for our worship experience please contact one of the hospitality coordinators.  Reach the coordinators by email at .