As We Move Into the Third Quarter

As We Move Into the Third Quarter

As the past summer now moves into fall, I can’t help but draw some comparisons with last August and September of 2015. I recall a lot of meetings with any number number of committees and groups, as well as numerous personal appointments—all of which I welcomed. I was an “unknown quantity” at that time; you wanted and needed to know who I was, and vice versa.

There was a certain level of anxiety in the FCU atmosphere twelve months ago. You knew my name, and had probably checked out my website—but it wasn’t much more than that. Who is this guy? Where does he want to go with us? Your previous minister had ended her ministry, and there were highly mixed feelings about it—how to work through that?

Things feel more relaxed to me now, one year later. By “relaxed” I don’t mean lackadaisical. We have some busy times ahead as you embark upon a crucial year in the life of FCU, especially since the process for your calling a settled minister is now well underway. What I mean instead is that we have, over the past year, established a comfort level with one another that I feel will serve us well in our second interim year.

In admittedly broad brush terms, our first interim year included a fair amount of reflection, of assessing your recent past, how you came to be where you are, and your feelings about it. A second interim year is more forward focused. If Year One was about exploring who you are at this point in your congregational life, Year Two is more about who you want to be as your congregational life goes forward.

I hope each of you will take the lead from your Search Team as with them you consider the positive aspects of FCU that have brought you this far, even as you look to some of the ways you may wish to redefine yourself as a liberal religious community. We’ll spend some time on this matter of redefining as Year Two goes forward.

I look forward to our continued shared ministry!



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