Topics: UU history

Topics: UU history

“All We Kindred Pilgrim Souls?”

May 16, 2021

As we have talked about over the years, our congregation is (strange as it may seem) descended from the Puritans. You might recall that the Pilgrims (or “Separatists”) who landed in Plymouth in 1620 are a particular subset of the Puritans. For our Auction Sermon, our own church historian, Joyce Williams, has asked me some interesting questions. Namely, How did the Separatists (or Pilgrims) of Plymouth Colony and the Puritans of Boston get along? Did they merge? I found some interesting information to share, and some thoughts about what we might learn from it all.

“From Puritan to UU”

November 11, 2018

When I have given a brief overview of UU history to newcomers, there is sometimes still a bit of mystery in the air. Namely — hold on — did modern Unitarian Universalism come from Puritanism? My sermon attempts to explain this phenomenon. Learn about your puritanical spiritual ancestors, and how this history is relevant today. This sermon was preached on November 11, 2018 (Note: The Unitarians and Universalists merged into the Unitarian Universalist Association in 1961. It sure sounds like I say 1969 in the sermon; if so, I misspoke! It was 1961. In any case, most of what I learned about this era of Unitarian history I learned from Prof. David Hall at Harvard Divinity School in the fall of 1994. I will be forever grateful. Any mistakes are my own.)