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“All We Kindred Pilgrim Souls?”

May 16, 2021

As we have talked about over the years, our congregation is (strange as it may seem) descended from the Puritans. You might recall that the Pilgrims (or “Separatists”) who landed in Plymouth in 1620 are a particular subset of the Puritans. For our Auction Sermon, our own church historian, Joyce Williams, has asked me some interesting questions. Namely, How did the Separatists (or Pilgrims) of Plymouth Colony and the Puritans of Boston get along? Did they merge? I found some interesting information to share, and some thoughts about what we might learn from it all.

The Sixties: Still Crazy After All These Years

March 25, 2018

Culturally and politically speaking, what is generally referred to as “The Sixties” ran from, I’d say, late 1963 with the Martin Luther King March on Washington and the Kennedy assassination, and ended in the mid-70s with the end of the Vietnam War and the whole Watergate episode. However you frame it, it was a very tumultuous time in our nation’s history; and its legacy and meaning continue to be debated.