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climate crisis

“For Love of Earth and All Beings”

May 17, 2020

Lots of great surprises in this one! Click on “show more” in the description at YouTube and you will see blue time stamps the allow you to go forward and back to particular worship elements. Don’t miss the great skit (Time for All Ages)… don’t miss learning about A Well-Fed World… Don’t miss the video made just for us by Maple Farm Sanctuary. And more!

“Earth Day 2020”

April 26, 2020

A service in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Learn about Project C.U.R.E. during our virtual Share-the-Plate. See some great images during the Time for All Ages. Listen to Molly Lozeau’s playing. And watch my homily/video about the climate crisis in the time of Covid-19, and what it might mean. If you watch this video on YouTube, go down to the description and click “show more”. There you’ll see blue time stamps that will let you go to (or return to) any particular worship element.

“Thinking About the Environment”

March 1, 2020

Longtime First Church Unitarian in Littleton member David Butz, old 60’s era environmentalist and white-haired engineer, has been digging into the details of “green” energy options and finds that things may not be quite as simple as we think, nor the solutions as obvious. In this sermon, he shares his thoughts. Here are a couple of handouts that David made for the service:

“The Times, They Are A-Changin'”

February 2, 2020

Rev. Dr. Michelle Walsh was the guest preacher at First Church Unitarian in Littleton, Massachusetts on February 2, 2020. Her sermon was “The Times, They Are A-Changin'”. Rev. Dr. Walsh, LICSW, is a Unitarian Universalist community minister and shares a private justice consulting and spiritual coaching practice known as Tuckerman Creative Ministries for Justice and Healing with her husband, Rev. Dr. Clyde Grubbs. She also has worked as a scholar activist for many years in urban contexts, teaches as a lecturer at Boston University, and is the author of Violent Trauma, Culture and Power: An Interdisciplinary Exploration in Lived Religion as well as chapters in other volumes.

“The Tide Is Rising, and So Are We”

September 15, 2019

I preached this sermon at First Church Unitarian in Littleton on September 15, 2019. My sermon title was inspired by the song of the same name, composed by Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman and Yotam Schachter. The sermon came before the September 20 youth-led Global Climate Strike, demanding that transformative action is taken to address the climate crisis. (Gratitude to Rev. Peggy Clarke and other UU ministers who created a worship resource to help with this service. And gratitude for the folks from FCU who indeed went to the Boston Climate Strike on September 20!)