Stories; Nov. RE calendar

Stories; Nov. RE calendar

November 2, 2016

The theme for this month is Stories. For the bulletin board display (take a look, it's across from the vestry) I wanted to show some of the stories that have been important on my own journey. A few popped into my mind immediately and then I began looking through the on-line library catalog. One book led to another and several hours later, I had a long list of books, poems, essays, and plays that I had to edit for the space available on the board. Some authors showed up multiple times, so I only included one. I also found some that I put on my future reading list.

This was a wonderful exercise to explore what is meaningful in my life and which brought up memories and thoughts that I had forgotten. I recommend doing it for yourself. I would love to hear what stories, poems, plays, and essays are important to your life journey.

Vicki, DRE

RE Calendar - November

11/6 – Set your clocks back Sat. night; Curricula classes continue; pancake breakfast, 8:30-9:45

11/12 - Saturday, 6:00 PM, Pot-luck and Game Night, everyone is welcome to join the fun and camaraderie

11/13 – Chapel Sunday; "Creating Our Own Stories"

11/20 – Thanksgiving multigenerational worship; bring non-perishable food for Loaves and Fishes pantry

11/27 – Game Day, all ages

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