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All Sermons

“The Spirituality of Land Acknowledgement”

October 9, 2022

For Indigenous Peoples Day Sunday, I preached on land acknowledgement and the reality that our church is on the historical lands of the Nashobah Praying Indians. Lorinda Morimoto also shared her own perspective.

“21st Century Transcendentalism”

September 18, 2022

I have been reading a lot about Transcendentalism lately. It occurred to me… we are Transcendentalists today! Upon reading further, other UUs agree (notably retired UU ministers Rev. Barry Andrews and Rev. Jim Sherblom, both of whose books confirmed many of the thoughts I have been having, including even Peter Mayer’s “Holy Now” as a Transcendentalist song… great minds think alike? (Unfortunately we had technical difficulties on this day and the first half of the service is missing from this video.)