“Listening to the Animals: In Honor of St. Francis”


  1. Hi! We live in Chesterfield MA. on a road that does not get high speed internet or cell phone service. I grew up Unitarian and my husband and I are interested in listening to services at your church during the pandemic but we can’t get to a place where we can see something online. We have enjoyed seeing Fred Small in the past at your church and thought your church and the sermons from the past sounded very interesting. We are able to use Zoom on our landline to hear people online for family gatherings and work and are wondering if we can use Zoom to hear your services? Please let us know if this is possible by calling us at 413-296-4570. Thank you for your consideration! Sincerely, Valerie and Pete Bowlby.

    P.S. Email does not always work for us. Please call.

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