RE-Imagining FCU

RE-Imagining FCU

While we dearly miss being together to worship and be in community in person, we are truly grateful that our online connection has been strong and vital.   Every week of an online service has helped to “flatten” the technology learning curve and after months of online services we are getting pretty savvy I must say!  When the Executive Team (Standing and Deacons) set out in 2019 on a journey to envision what a 21st Century church looked like, little did we know that we weren’t going to have to envision it, we would soon be living it.  The experience has given us leaders of the church a lot to ponder.  Very much on our minds and in our hearts is when we will be able to “re” open our beautiful church building.  In thinking about that, we have been inspired as a group to “re” imagine FCU as well.  The recent success of our 50th Annual Talent Auction and 1st ever online auction is a perfect example of “Reimaging” at FCU.  Re-imagining the many aspects of life at FCU has been a top priority for the Standing Committee this year and we are committed to help our committees do their own “re-imagining” as we continue to worship as a community in times of a pandemic.  What’s your re-imagining look like?  Please reach out to us if you have thoughts or ideas.  We would love to hear from you.  Just send us an email @Standing Committee

Laura Semple for the Standing Committee


  1. Dear standing committee, now that we know more about how the virus is spread, I would like to request that we open the building a little more. We know that aerosols are the primary way the virus is spread. So, for example, people who are meeting outside should be able to access the restrooms. And we might even want to have limited meetings indoor. I believe a group of say 5 people should be able to meet indoors with masks and socially distanced.

    Thank you for considering such a proposal.

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