November 2017 – “Abundance”

November 2017 – “Abundance”

November 2017 – “Abundance”

“For me, the opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It’s enough. I’m enough. My kids are enough. You’re enough.” Brené Brown

Noticing the abundance around us is clearly the work we are called to do. But one wonders if that’s enough. It all depends on what you do after the noticing is done.  Susan Arnold

How much is enough? Synonyms include – adequate, sufficient, as much as necessary, plenty. But who defines what is enough, sufficient, plenty…? Is plenty the same as adequate? What is too much? If we have abundance do we have ample, plentiful, copious, or lavish amounts? Is ample the same as lavish or is it just enough?

I suppose it depends on who you ask –  a homeless person, a teacher, a CEO, you, me…

But, enough with the words. The reality is in the second quote…what you do after you decide on your answer. And that’s where religious education and our UU Principles can help you find your own answers AND what to do next with that abundance.

Together, we can be enough.

Vicki Merriam, Director of Religious Education.


Religious Education Calendar – November 2017

11/5 & 12: “Spirit Play” and “The Miracle of Creation” continues.

11/19: “What We Need Is Here”; Thanksgiving multigenerational worship with Corn Bread and Cider Communion. We’ll hear a version of “Stone Soup,” a homily from Rev. Steve, and Share the Plate for Guest At Your Table. Followed by 2nd Hour Gathering: “Stone Soup Social”. We’ll share soup and break bread together.

1/26: Game Day for all ages.

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