March – Journey

March – Journey

“What is the most important thing you’ve told your kids to pack for their journey?” This question is posed by the Soul Matters authors among others for the March theme. I pass it on here for your reflection.

If I could give my kids just one thing to pack it would be our Unitarian Universalist Principles. There is no better road map for the journey of life.

1. Every single person is important.
2. We treat one another with respect and kindness.
3. We spend our whole lives learning how to be the best people we can be.
4. Together we learn about the world and what is true.
5. Everyone has the right to use their voice and be heard.
6. Together we work to create a world that is peaceful and fair for everyone.
7. We respect the earth and all living things. (children’s version)
Of course, there are many things to pack, not just one. What would you choose?

With hope for the future,
Vicki Merriam, Director of Religious Education

Religious Education Calendar
3/3 – “KidSpace” – Using a labyrinth is a way to meditate using our bodies and minds. The journey to the center of the labyrinth and back again through all the twists and turns helps us explore our spirituality and think about our lives. We’ll make finger labyrinths to share on the bulletin board.
3/10 – “KidSpace” – Mardi Gras Celebration; we’ll make pretzels and masks and stage a “parade”.
3/17 – Whole Church Sunday, worship for all ages. “Heritage Day”, with stories and music we’ll celebrate journeys and our heritage. Sunday Social with the UUUkes follows.
3/24 – “KidSpace” – Journeys of the Imagination; lanterns to light our way.
3/31 – “KidSpace” – Journeys Past and Future; we’ll make “treasure maps” illustrating our memories and our hopes.

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