March 2018

March 2018

MARCH 2018 – “Balance”

I enjoy doing cross stitch. I usually do some each day in the morning with my coffee, relaxing in my rocking chair before I start my work for the day. It is a meditative time and I reflect on many things including what I have learned from doing cross stitch. Often, I interrupt myself to jot notes in the journal I keep on the table beside me. Here are some thoughts pertaining to balance which I have gleaned from my needlework.

Plan ahead                                Be spontaneous

Follow the pattern                   Be open to change

Establish a routine                  Be flexible

Perfection is an illusion          Most mistakes can be mended

Empty your mind                     Allow thoughts to flow

Vicki Merriam, Director of Religious Education


3/4 & 3/11 – “Spirit Play” and “How Do We Know” continue.

3/11 – 2nd Hour: “Heritage Day” – St. Patrick’s Day is coming but not all of us are Irish. Celebrate your own ancestry with a simple pot luck lunch following worship. Bring a favorite food from your family tradition and wear something that is reminiscent of your heritage – a pin, socks, hat, tartan, color, etc. Join us downstairs to share food and stories. Green is good, too.

3/18 – Multigenerational Worship: “Stillpoints: Balance and the Turning of the Seasons” – The Equinox is one “stillpoint on which we pivot and turn to something new.” We’ll welcome the awakening of the earth and renewal which sprouts from the nurturing winter dark.

3/25 – “Spirit Play” & “How Do We Know” continue.

“How Do We Know?” What guides us as UUs in our search to know how to decide and act? This curriculum will explore ethics and values using UU Principles & Sources as well as other multicultural and religious sources with supporting activities including social action.

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