I’m looking to the summer.

I’m looking to the summer.

From Steve….

Although I still have a few “churchy” things to attend to as our first interim ministry year winds down, I’m looking to the summer. While I’ll spend much of it in the Nashua/Littleton/Lowell area a couple of trips are on tap.

Later this month Michele and I will be making a long anticipated, and long delayed, trip to the Pacific Northwest. It’s the only section of the country we haven’t visited. We have a niece in Seattle who grew up with our son when we were in Nashua and she was growing up in Newton, MA. She and her husband have a new baby—our Great Niece!—to show off to us. And we’ll take the opportunity to visit other sites in the area.

In mid-July I’ll be taking a week-long seminar at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA that is being led by Bishop John Shelby Spong. It’s titled The Heresy of Biblical Literalism. This is a topic I’ve done an occasional sermon on, and I’ll be interested to compare my thoughts with those of Bishop Spong.

I’ll be in Lowell over the last week-end of July helping to hold down the fort at the Lowell Celebrates Kerouac table during the Lowell Folk Festival. If you’re going to the LFF, then do stop by.

And somewhere in the midst of these doings I’ll be looking to wrap my head around some of the things you and I—minister and congregation—need to be attending to during the second half of our interim ministry time. I hope you’ll devote some thought to that as well, and we’ll hit the ground running come September.

All best,

Rev. Steve

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