Heart Land

Heart Land

These are the first two words of the 2016 GA theme:  Heart Land:  Where Faiths Connect.  Watching the streaming of the Sunday Worship Service on June 26th in our Vestry with FCU friends I was deeply moved by messages conveyed though music, spoken word and images ~ my heart was touched and I am challenged to focus on what really matters ~ just what I’m looking for in a worship service.  Now comes the tough part – putting it into practice   Did you know you can watch the video of the Sunday Worship Service and other parts of GA online?  Check it out:  http://www.uua.org/ga/off-site/2016
I recommend watching the Ware Lecture by Krista Tippett (or reading the transcripts) – The Mystery and Art of Living which she expands in her opening to the “mystery and art of living together right now in the 21st century”.  WOW!!  As a tickler for you to watch/read she offers three encouragements :  (1) Words Matter; (2) Re-discover listening as as a social art and questions as a civic tool; (3) Love.  If you choose to here’s the link http://www.uua.org/action/ga/ware
Sharing our thoughts on these and how, within our FCU Heart Land, we practice them is of interest to me.
Debbie Eston


  1. Debbie TY for sharing. GA is a powerful experience – even if we’re not there in person. Your post brought back memories of 2015 in Providence, not so long ago. Krista Tippett is pretty amazing. I subscribe to her podcast.
    TYX for all you do as deacon.
    Susan TW

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