February – Resilience

February – Resilience

“While resilience has a lot to do with what is inside us, it equally depends on what is between us…the web of connections that surround us. Resilient people arise from resilient relationships!” Soul Matters

Of the many positive human traits, resilience is of upmost significance and value. It enables us to move forward from hard-times and turn adversity into new opportunities. Studies have shown that being in community and interacting in social settings (yes, even limited social media access) is necessary to develop resilience. So, I encourage you to find connections that can strengthen you and support you through your difficult times.

“Resilience is based on compassion for ourselves as well as compassion for others.” Sharon Salzberg
Vicki Merriam, Director of Religious Education


2/2 – Our UU Chalice: we’ll make personal chalices to take home for our family tables.
2/9 – Love for All: we’ll make valentines and sweet treats to share.
2/16 – “Playfulness and Laughter” Whole Congregation worship service.
2/23 -Resilience is like a rubber band. We‘ll make rubber band balls and play with them.

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