February 2018 – “Perseverance”

February 2018 – “Perseverance”

February 2018 – “Perseverance”

A boy and his father were walking along a road when they came across a large stone. “Do you think if I use all of my strength, I can move this rock?” the child asked.

His father answered, “If you use all of your strength, I am sure you can do it.” The boy began to push the rock. Exerting himself as much as he could, he pushed and pushed. The rock did not move.

Discouraged, he said to his father, “You were wrong. I can’t do it.” His father put his arm around the boy’s shoulder and said, “No son. You didn’t use all your strength – you didn’t ask me to help.”       Rabbi David Wolff

Sometimes perseverance means getting the help we need. Help comes from many places – in many forms – from many others. Who helps you?

Vicki Merriam, Director of Religious Education


RE CALENDAR – February

This month we begin a new curriculum, “How Do We Know?” What guides us as UUs in our search to know how to decide and act? This curriculum will explore ethics and values using UU Principles & Sources as well as other multicultural and religious sources with supporting activities including social action.

*2/4 & 2/11 – Regular classes continue: “Spirit Play” and “How Do We Know”

2/18 – Multigenerational Worship Service, “Spreading Love – Acts of Kindness”

2/25 – Game Day for all ages


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