Online-only Sunday service: “Patriotism and the Pulpit”


Online-only Sunday service: “Patriotism and the Pulpit”

Join us this Sunday, May 24th, for “Patriotism and the Pulpit”, in honor of Memorial Day weekend! Once again, we will attempt to use Youtube Live for our service. Click here! Or, go to and click on the video that says “live”.

If you wish to come on a few minutes early (say, 9:55 this week), we will again be showing a gathering video featuring original music by Molly Lozeau, our Music Director.

The service will feature a special video by the UU Ukes!

Once again, we encourage everyone to light their own chalice (including a candle in a bowl) at home, so be ready!

As always, there will be a Joys and Concerns and Virtual Coffee Hour after the service. Email Rev. Lara if you need that link.