“Celebrating FCU’s Silver Linings – an Abundance of Gifts” Stewardship Celebration


“Celebrating FCU’s Silver Linings – an Abundance of Gifts” Stewardship Celebration

4:30 pm

For members and friends of FCU! You are invited to celebrate our many “silver linings” at this year’s virtual Stewardship event on Saturday, February 27th at 4:30 p.m.

What fun we’ll have sharing with each other the ways in which we have enriched our community during this unprecedented time, while also creating a wonderful future for our spiritual home.

If you have any questions, please email the SC.

And submit your video! Prepare a 10 second (or 15 seconds for larger households) video. Please share one or two church-related pandemic silver linings you want to lift up as a member of this beloved church community. We encourage creativity and props, but that is not mandatory. The important thing is to lift up the unexpected gifts we have received as a community during this unprecedented time. Videos due by 2/21/21. Submit video here. Hey, there will be TROPHIES! The categories are:

Get the Kleenex Tear-Jerker Award
“Hee Haw” Knee-Slappin’ Funny Award
“Maltese Falcon” Props on the Props Award
Dazzle Me Darling Visual Effects Award
Highest Thread Count Costume Design Award
Not Just Another Sheep in the Flock Acting award
Pots and Pans Go Marching Two by Two Sound Award