December theme “Presence”, calendar

December theme “Presence”, calendar

Here we are at the last month of 2016. I was thinking the other day that it seems like the turn of the century was just a few years ago, not almost 17! Time goes by so fast which is why it is important to try to spend some time in the present, to be mindful of the moment, to honor others and yourself with your presence. The gift of time and love and self is the best gift anyone can give or receive.

Do find time to be present in this hectic holiday season. Worshiping and learning together for an hour or so on Sunday mornings could be a good time to do this.

Happy Holidays. Blessed Be.

Vicki Merriam, DRE

December Calendar

12/4 – Senior Youth pancake breakfast, 8:30; Class groups meet, 10:00; Christmas Eve Pageant sign ups during coffee hour; Cocoa, Cookies, and Carols, munch and sip during coffee hour then join in singing in the sanctuary

12/11 – Class groups meet 10:00; Pageant costumes distributed following worship

12/18 – Multigenerational worship service, 10:00, “Festival of Light”; bring items for our Shelter Tree (mittens, gloves, socks, hats, scarves, underwear, etc); join us during coffee hour for some tasty latkes;  Pageant rehearsal following coffee hour

12/24 – Christmas Eve Family Service & Pageant, 5:00

12/25 – Christmas gathering in the vestry for all ages; no RE program

1/1 – Multigenerational worship; no RE program

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