APRIL 2018 Emergence “Inherent dignity. Inherent worth. Our theology says you need not be transformed first. Come as you are and be blessed.” Rev. Jane Rzepka Just come. Then we can work together to see what emerges. Vicki Merriam, Director of Religious Education Religious Education Calendar, April 4/1 – Easter Worship service, multigenerational; egg hunt… Read More »

March 2018

MARCH 2018 – “Balance” I enjoy doing cross stitch. I usually do some each day in the morning with my coffee, relaxing in my rocking chair before I start my work for the day. It is a meditative time and I reflect on many things including what I have learned from doing cross stitch. Often,… Read More »

January 2018 “Intention”

January 2018 – “Intention” Though quite arbitrary, we often start a new year by making resolutions, by setting goals, by attempting changes. The theme for January, intention, is a slightly different way to go. Here are a few quotes from our Soul Matters resources that helped me think about the difference and how I might… Read More »


 “When we feel joy, we don’t simply feel delight in one tiny piece of the world; we feel welcomed back in – connected once again to the whole.”                                                                 Susan Arnold Joy can be found by opening oneself up to all that surrounds us. For years, I have had a ritual I call my “day-maker”,… Read More »


SPRING! The hills and meadows are alive, vibrant with colors rivaling autumn’s robust, saturated display, summer’s verdant lushness.        Promising buds and blossoms bloom in subtle shades of green                            maize yellow                              violet                              pink chartreuse                          lavender terra cotta                       coral                        magenta as if a pointillist had adorned each… Read More »