This is Advent – “a time of anticipation and waiting, of allowing oneself to be in a state of preparation to receive hope.”  Rev. Christina Shu

I have learned in my many years how to let go of the anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion that comes from a focus on one day – as though everything depended on things being perfect for that 24 hours. Instead, I now extend the season for the whole month of December and even into January. I do what I wish, when I can, enjoy it as I go, and let each day come. I bring out all the boxes and empty them over the days, living with the mess as part of the festivity and appreciating each item and the memories it might bring as I place them in my home. The piles of gift wrap and bows are just part of the décor. The cards sit waiting, written one or two at a time without a deadline. After all, a friendly message is always welcome. I gave up on baking long ago and now anticipate with pleasure the generosity of others who do enjoy it.

Enough done (or not) for one day, I sit in the holy dark, light a candle, turn on the twinkling lights, sip a glass of eggnog, and simply wait – with hope for what will come as the wheel of the year turns.

Blessed be.

Vicki Merriam, Director of Religious Education

RE Program –  December
12/3 & 12/10 – regular classes with holiday season themes
12/17 – Multigenerational worship, “Festival of Lights”. We’ll celebrate Solstice, Advent, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa with music, words, and lights. Children and youth will be invited to light candles of the season. The 2nd Hour Social will feature delicious latkes and seasonal activities for all.
12/24 – No morning service. Christmas Eve Services: 5:00, Pageant, carols, and candle lighting, child centered, 7:00, traditional.
​12/31 – Multigenerational worship – sharing of stories and music.

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