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The heart of Unitarian Universalism is love, service and community. Nurtured by the congregation, each of us is free to find our own path to wisdom, understanding and spiritual growth.

Joint Summer Service, August 7th

Recovering the Universalist Vision

Our Universalist spiritual ancestors believed strongly in the universal love of God, and the ultimate unity of all human beings, as well as all of life. The theology behind these beliefs may seem quaint to us today, but in a world that is now so terribly fragmented, we would do well to recapture their vision as a way of rekindling our hope. I'll use some of the text of the late Carl Sagan's essay "A Pale Blue Dot" as a way of shaping our thoughts on this topic.

Rev. Steve Edington, Interim Minister--First Church Unitarian of Littleton, MA

More detail: Joint Summer Service on August 7th.

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